7th Houdetsi Music Festival
dates announced
for August 4-7, 2016

Houdetsi Music Festival is a 4-day celebration of music, dance, food and art that takes place in the little village of Houdetsi which is located 23 km due south of Heraklion, on the island of Crete.

The Houdetsi Music Festival succeeds in highlighting the magic of the meeting and uniting of different musical worlds, combining them harmoniously with local colors, images, scents, and tastes in a celebration of hospitality, extended unconditionally by the local people to all who wish to participate in this unique festival.

The 7th Houdetsi Music Festival will take place from 4-7 of August 2016, Read More here!

7th Houdetsi Music Festival 2016


Ross Daly

The 7th Houdetsi Music Festival 2016

The artistic program of this year’s 7th Houdetsi Music Festival relies very heavily on the participation of the students of the Musical Workshop Labyrinth who have participated at various different times in our educational activities.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Musical Workshop Labyrinth’s program of seminars and master classes, and many of our students have, during this time, evolved into some of today’s foremost musicians who now propose their own inspired and original ideas. Musical education always has been and always will be the central focal point of all of Labyrinth’s activities and it is exactly this which gives meaning, not only to the Musical Workshop Labyrinth itself, but also to this, the yearly festival which it organises together with the local authorities and cultural organisations.

Ross M. Daly, Houdetsi 2015


One more year, our festival is here and ready to welcome thousands of visitors, who will attend our grand event!


The results from the 7th Houdetsi Music Festival poll.


The big festival of music, dance, taste and art that takes place in Houdetsi village in Iraklio Crete is happening!

For the seventh consecutive year the music workshop “Labyrinth” invites us to celebrate in the “Houdetsi Music Festival from” 4 to 7 of August 2016.

Do you want to be part of the magic of the festival? Apply as a volunteer, offering your valuable help!