One more year, our festival is here and ready to welcome thousands of visitors, who will attend our grand event!

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The results from the 7th Houdetsi Music Festival poll.

Read more: The results from the 7th Houdetsi Music Festival poll

The big festival of music, dance, taste and art that takes place in Houdetsi village in Iraklio Crete is happening!

For the seventh consecutive year the music workshop “Labyrinth” invites us to celebrate in the “Houdetsi Music Festival from” 4 to 7 of August 2016.

Do you want to be part of the magic of the festival? Apply as a volunteer, offering your valuable help!

The list of musicians HOUDETSI FESTIVAL announced, will continue to grow with additional appearances by great musicians.

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A story by Th.Papadoulaki which presents the ‘Labyrinth’ music workshop through the internal struggle of Anesti, the antiquarian with the “truth” of music!
Who is going to win?

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For the safe and comfortable access of visitors to Houdetsi, an organised parking space there will operate at Peza (at the Town Hall), while there will be continuous bus routes using Archanes-Asterousia Municipality buses, to and from the festival area.

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At the Houdetsi Festival, like every year, both children and their guardians have their own stage...

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