The conscious choice for free visitor entry, in combination with the cost of quality sound engineering and lighting, procedures for aesthetic renovation of the spaces, visitor safety, and the musicians' expenses (travel, food, accommodation) render necessary the contribution of sponsors.

Sponsors of the Houdetsi Music Festival participate in a truly quality cultural event with thousands of visitors, significant promotional activities, and publicity. Its multi-cultural aspect positions it at perhaps the peak of its kind in Europe, while proving Crete's timeless role as a crossroads of great cultures.

We request your direct declaration of interest in order to include you in the scheduled promotional activities (website, social networking, television and radio spots, posters and leaflets).


Participation fee as Supporter in all promotional activities at € 500.

Participation fee as Sponsor in all promotional activities at € 1000.

Participation fee as Major Sponsor in all promotional activities at € 5000.

  • with the possibility of centrally placed banners in the main concerts.
  • presentation as standard Major Sponsor of the 'Labyrinth' Musical Workshop for one year.